CEN seeks labs to test plant biostimulant standardised methods for safety criteria



The CEN Technical Committee 455 “Plant Biostimulants” Working Group 4 “Other safety parameters” (CEN/TC 455 WG 4) has issued an official call for laboratories, preferably accredited according to EN ISO/IEC 17025 or other QA/QC system, to help test the standardised test methods it developed for four safety/quality criteria related to the Fertilising Products Regulation.

It would be highly appreciated if labs that apply are able to participate in more than one of the necessary interlaboratory studies (i.e. ring tests). Reasonable compensation for the costs will be offered.

The four methods to be tested are:

  1. Determination of dry matter
  2. Determination of specific elements (total content of Cd, Pb, Ni, As, Cr, Cu and Zn) in Aqua Regia using ICP-AES Determination of mercury after digestion by Aqua Regia
  3. Determination of phosphonates
  4. Determination of inorganic arsenic

See or download the full text of the call for laboratories



Please share this information with any relevant labs you think may be interested.

For any clarification, please contact:

Convenor of CEN/TC 455/WG 4

Miroslav Florián - miroslav.florian@ukzuz.cz


Secretary of CEN/TC 455/WG 4

Stefan Krebs - krebs@agentura-cas.cz