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As part of our commitment to members and the wider biostimulants industry, EBIC has developed an exciting programme of events for the rest of this year and for 2023. Designed to inform, educate and engage, these events provide key opportunities for members to gain value from their EBIC membership as well as the chance to network with colleagues, peers and industry experts.

Some of our events are also open to the wider industry. As the industry’s trade association, EBIC is responsible for promoting and raising awareness of the impact biostimulants can have on sustainable agriculture. Events for the wider industry give our stakeholder partners, policymakers and potential members the opportunity to find out more about biostimulants and EBIC’s work.

Further information and confirmation of dates will be posted here as available.
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  External event
  Third-party partnership
Event Strategic objectives Audience Timing Format

Advocacy webinar on role of PBs in mitigating the food crisis

Promoting the role of plant biostimulants within sustainable agriculture

Stakeholders, partners, and members

28 October 2022

Advocacy webinar:
"Plant biostimulants and how they contribute to healthy soils"
Advocacy Stakeholders, and partners 17 April 2023 Online

Issue workshop – REACH+ and the FPR

Delivering on the workplan
Stakeholder networking

Stakeholders, and partners

May 2023 (TBC)


Board-led webinar on the draft renewed EBIC Mid-Term-Strategy 23-27

Mid-Term Strategy (MTS) renewal for 2023-2027


09 March 2023


EBIC Expert Forum

Delivering on work plan objectives
Member networking
Member value delivery

Members, relevant guests for specific issues, partner national associations

27 April 2023


1-day high-level Stakeholder Conference

"Food security and sustainability: Enhancing food system resilience"

• High-level speakers from industry, COM, stakeholders
• Focused on business strategy and food-system level issues
• Small-group conversations and fireside chats
• Exclusive, invitees-only

Stakeholder networking
Member value for business strategists

Industry: CEOs and other apex executives, business strategists; high-level visionaries from stakeholder organisations, COM, etc.

8 June 2023


Mid-year Ordinary General Assembly  Operational   29 June 2023 Online
Advocacy webinar Advocacy Stakeholders, and partners October 2023 Online
Issues-workshop Delivering on the workplan
Stakeholder networking
Stakeholders, and partners September-November 2023 In-person

EBIC Mid-Term Strategy Forum

Member engagement
Member value delivery
Industry networking


7 - 8 November 2023


Leadership development webinar Delivering on the work plan
Member networking

Members-only (prospective leaders of EBIC WGs)

October 2023


EBIC General Assembly Operational

Members only

November 2023 Online
Biostimulants World Congress (in partnership with NAI) Advocacy (reputation management)
Stakeholder networking

Researchers on biostimulants in academia and companies

29 November
- 1 December 2023
Milan, Italy