New EBIC Board of Directors plan strategy for 2023 - 2027



The EBIC Board of Directors, led by new President Arne Pingel of Syngenta, met in Madrid recently to work on our strategy for the next four years. A series of consultations with members over the last year had identified a number of areas of importance, which were discussed in detail to ensure each one was fully considered. Following a lively and constructive debate, the Board agreed a refined draft of the Mid-Term Strategy which will be presented to members in a webinar in March for further comment and input. It was an inspiring and truly strategic meeting, and the Board is looking forward to working with EBIC members in fulfilling EBIC’s mission.

The Mid-Term Strategy determines EBIC’s activities and it is therefore essential that members participate in its development. The Board spent part of the meeting discussing how to maximise member engagement to ensure that every member both contributes to and benefits from EBIC’s work.  This year there is an extensive programme of events, which includes the 2023 Experts Forum, a series of advocacy webinars and June’s Stakeholder Summit.

The Board was pleased to have the opportunity whilst in Madrid to visit AlgaEnergy’s pilot plant and learn more about microalgae technologies. Our thanks to vice-president Carlos Rodríguez-Villa Förster for arranging this.

EBIC membership for 2023 is now open, so if you are interested in joining, click here.  

Thomas Leppin, Director-at-Large, attended remotely