Plant nutrition & soil fertility:

Key to delivering Europe's Green Deal objectives 



Download the joint EBIC-ECOFI-Fertilizers Europe brochure

The different plant nutrition and soil fertility solutions grouped under the heading “fertilizing product” in Regulation (EU) 2019/1009 play different and complementary roles in helping farmers produce plentiful, high-quality crops while helping the EU move towards more sustainable agriculture.

EBIC, ECOFI and Fertilizers Europe have joined forces to promote integrated plant nutrition and soil fertility. The combined use of mineral fertilizers, organic fertilizers, and plant biostimulants as part of an integrated plant nutrition approach delivers growth and sustainability benefits which are more than the sum of their parts to farmers and society.

This factsheet explains this importance of combining a full range of fertilizing products to ensure an optimum impact on plant yield and quality and minimal environmental impact, in line with Europe's Green Deal.

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