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Recent events have brought the issue of food security sharply back into focus across the world. This free webinar will explain the benefits of using plant biostimulants in challenging times to help secure our food supply in Europe and beyond.

Oliver Sitar (Head of Unit, Governance of the agri-food markets, DG AGRI, European Commission) will set the scene with respect to current food challenges and how the EU is responding. This will be followed by farmer and industry insights on how biostimulants help growers to optimise application of nutrients– particularly in times of constrained fertiliser and food supplies – as well as helping to protect food supply from the potentially disastrous effects of unpredictable weather events.

The discussion panel will bring together biostimulant experts, farmer representatives, food chain stakeholders and academic insights to identify and explore the potential benefits of plant biostimulants and how they can help various links in the food chain achieve their own objectives.

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