Ad Terram

Ad Terram is founded in 2014 with one goal: “Make new organic products which can replace chemical products/additives applied to seeds, plants and/or soil”. Without compromising in quality, physical appearance or price.

All the products of Ad Terram are developed in-house and don’t contain any chemical or synthesized products. Also, Ad Terram doesn’t accept any use of chemicals in the extraction of their raw materials. Ad Terram does spend a large amount of their revenues in fundamental and applied research in order to provide also in the future the industry with truly environmentally friendly, fast biodegradable and non-residue products.

As a member of EBIC Ad Terram fully complies with the Code of Conduct of EBIC and therefore you as a customer can rely on the functionality of those products.

As the world has become more aware of the environmental and health issues regarding the use of microplastics Ad Terram has decided that we never use intentionally added microplastics in any of her products.