Since 1995, ALFARIN is actively present in the Agriculture Industry in Spain, acting as a key partner in this heterogeneous ecosystem conformed by a wide range of players.

Connecting them is being able to provide value to the market through the highest quality inputs, backed by our solid and deep technical knowledge and our regulatory support. We create the necessary synergies to obtain the most from every player that participates in the development of the Biostimulant product, from the approval of the highest quality raw materials to its integration and registration (if applicable) in current regulations.

ALFARIN is deeply committed and aware that the regulations have evolved in accordance with a conscious reality, in which sustainability continues to be an inescapable background and is increasingly present. Every day we put all our efforts into landing these regulations on the market through our professional work.

Adapted and engaged with innovation, ALFARIN is mainly focused on the development of Biostimulants. Through our technical specialization and deep knowledge of the regulations that have evolved in recent years, we help the market to bring new developments in terms of Biostimulation and solutions that respond to the needs of plants.

Giving regulatory accommodation to inputs with added value, which fit into current regulations at the European level, and of course integrating them precisely through formulations based on natural ingredients and plant extracts, has positioned us at a level of high recognition and prestige in the market.

Our mission, vision and values are directly and transversally focused on acting with precision and professionalism, directing and fostering satisfactory relationships with people and companies that are aligned with our products and services. The result becomes an added value that the players that are part of the sector (ecosystem) appreciate and the results they obtain show it.