Biolchim S.p.A. is a leader in the production of Special Fertilisers, nowadays considered among the most important in Italy and the most dynamic on the international markets.

The strong relationship with the greatest worldwide producers of raw materials and the collaboration with important Universities and Research Centres allow Biolchim to be on the market with a complete portfolio of advanced and effective products for plant nutrition.

Biolchim’s new strategy has developed in four steps: 1) the improvement of the Research & Development Department with the acquisition of highly qualified experts in plant physiology and nutrition and the strengthening of the relationships with Universities and Research Centres; 2) the reinforcement of the Marketing Department and the Sales Support Network, to understand the market needs, and to streamline and reduce the time to market new products; 3) the development of a widespread International Sales Network, through both subsidiaries and partnerships with independent distributors; 4) the reorganization of the Productive Plant.