CHEMIA S.p.A. is an Italian private company working in the fine chemicals and in the production of pesticides and fertilizers. CHEMIA was founded in 1962 and is one of the oldest brand in the Italian agro chemical industry. Over the years it has consolidated its position in both national and international market.

The range of formulates that CHEMIA produces offers the most complete solution to the ever-changing needs of the market. Every new product is planned to reduce the impact on the environment, decrease any risk to the operator and improve the efficacy of the treatment.

Chemia under the Nutriland brand, also produces and sells micro-granular, soluble powder and liquid fertilizers, soil conditioners, nutritional deficiency correctors, biostimulants for all agricultural field crops including orchards, vines, citrus fruits, industrial crops, plantations, vegetables and greenhouses.

Chemia Biological Line gathers biotechnology products from crop nutrition and pest control ranges plus a wide choice of specialities, all essential elements to grow crops based on the Integrated Pest Management program and organic farming.

Research and development

Formulated products manufactured in Chemia factory are based on an original recipe developed by the company own research.

Other investments in field and applied research projects are the result of continuous contacts with real agriculture through its technical staff operating in close cooperation with Universities, Research Institutes, specialists and partner companies.

Chemia main purpose has always been crop protection and nutrition by improving its formulates both as safety profile and handling, in accordance with people safety and environmental care and regulations.

Quality and environment

The mission of the company is the constant pursuit of the highest standard of quality, safety and respect for the environment, not only for its products but also for all the tasks it carries out. CHEMIA’s policy is based on the will to achieve an excellence that can be seen and measured.

Chemia aims at pursuing efficiency targets within a framework of total compliance with regulations and laws, particularly in environment- and safety-related fields. This will be achieved by clearly defining management and operational responsibilities in relation to the company processes necessary for various manufacturing stages and the environmental aspects identified through environmental assessment and review procedures.

Quality Control in CHEMIA is a key step in the manufacturing cycle and it is carried out by an internal laboratory that checks both raw materials and finished products. CHEMIA’s staff are well aware that high purity raw materials are needed to make high quality products.

The internal Quality control laboratory has analytical instruments that provide a high degree of accuracy, flexibility and speed. Analyses are carried out using official analysis methods in compliance with National and internationals law (F.A.O. , A.O.A.C., C.I.P.A.C. specifications and fertilizers regulation).