Since 1956 ILSA has been producing and selling organic and organo-mineral fertilizers – both solid and liquid -, biostimulants and products with specific action. It has a full range of different product lines, for both conventional and organic farming. Its mission is to best meet the needs of today’s farming, which is becoming increasingly specialized and focused on environmental issues: to do so, it formulates innovative products of high quality and efficiency through the use of valuable natural feedstock. The company’s research center, active since 1976, and technological innovation epitomize the company’s will to always improve; they allow ILSA to be one of the leading companies in the field of biotechnologies for plant nutrition and biostimulation.

For many years, ILSA has been engaged in a programme called VIRIDEM®, aimed at the development of natural plant-based biostimulant products with a clear philosophy: “from plants for plants”. VIRIDEM® was created from the identification of bioactive substances inside various plant species, extracted with technologies which have a reduced environmental impact, as the enzymatic hydrolysis and the Supercritical Fluid Extraction, and made available to plants to their fullest potential.

The company owns three production plants, two in Italy (Arzignano-Vicenza and Molfetta-Bari) and one in Brazil (Porto Alegre). The company’s plants are highly automated and unique in their field, for they are the only ones capable of producing slow-release solid organic fertilizers (this process is named FCH: Fully Controlled Hydrolysis) and liquid fertilizers whose molecular weight is predetermined during production (this process is named FCEH: Fully Controlled Enzymatic Hydrolysis).

Aside from the FCH and FCEH technologies, which generate nutrition products characterized by the exclusive matrices Agrogel® and Gelamin®, the company has developed unique technologies for the production of biostimulants and resistance inductors.

ILSA markets its products in Italy and abroad through a selected network of distributors. Each of them can rely on local technicians and business agents for activity planning, operational management and result monitoring.

The goal is to provide each distributor with top-notch pre- and post-sale support so to help them stand above competition and spread information for the benefit of professional, advanced and specialized farming.