ITALPOLLINA is a modern and innovative company that is for more than 40 years European leader in the production of organic fertilisers and soil improvers. Today the plant of Italpollina in Rivoli Veronese is the most advanced system for the treatment of animal by- product, among the few ones to be certified according to the EC reg 1069/2009 (previous 1774/2002).

By creating ITALPOLLINA Specialties, a division of the group fully dedicated to the manufacturing and worldwide marketing of Specialty fertilizers & Microorganisms based products, ITALPOLLINA has also become a leading player in this particular field.

Specialty fertilizers are all based and produced from exclusive organic raw materials such as Vegetal Amino Acids, plant extracts from Amazonian rainforest, biostimulants and beneficial microbials (Mychorriza espp., Trichoderma spp., Rhyzosphere bacteria).

Thanks to a strong and continuous R&D policy as well as unique technological production processes internally developed, ITALPOLLINA keeps nourishing inner passion for helping and contributing to a more sustainable agriculture, more natural and safer environment.