Lida Plant Research

Lida is a Spanish company dedicated to the investigation and innovation of products, which contributes to the generation and pass-trough of knowledge to the service of modern, demanding and healthy agriculture.

Since our beginning we have been loyal to our values: The quality of our products, as a consequence of our experience and collaboration with universities on investigation projects, from where we have taken the scientist support for the elaboration of agrotechnological products, and the quality of our services in combination with our technicians who advise on field site, improves the utilization of our products.

The participation in different associations makes our activity to be developed within the framework of the Spanish and European legislation, taking the compromise of acting with total transparency in front of the consumer and watching over the environment and nature.

From ever we have adopted the target of offering advanced technologic solutions, and because of that, we have the compromise and will of our specialized team, of working in the vanguard of the forthcoming agriculture.