Can we sustainably feed a world with close to 10 billion people?

At OCP, we believe that the answer is ‘yes.’

We know that using the right inputs, at the right rate, at the right time is one of the most effective methods to significantly increase crop yields. As a main provider of this essential mineral for the fertilizer industry, the Group contributes to transforming agriculture worldwide. This goal of feeding the planet while respecting the land, communities, and the environment finds its full potential in a responsible growth and innovation strategy that supports our partners and all our business ecosystems.

OCP Group has chosen agility to continue to innovate in an environment enriched by the technologies that are already shaping the industry of the future. The solution: developing a business model based on innovative business ecosystems. OCP prioritizes collaboration and joint creation. It does so through partnerships and innovative links with its business ecosystem. Another means is involving employees in a new way and including numerous external partners, from SMEs and startups to research centers to innovation communities. This open approach gives rise to virtuous business ecosystems based on the sharing of expertise, all with the aim of improving speed and competitiveness.