Plant Impact Plc

We lead applied research and product development in chemical biostimulants (sometimes known as crop enhancement) to create products that growers can rely on to improve the yield and quality of their crops. These products and development projects include foliar sprays and seed treatments. The sprays are already delivering proven results alongside crop protection programs to help improve soy and cotton production in Latin America and USA, vegetable, tree and soft fruit quality in Europe and the Middle East, and cocoa yield in West Africa. These improvements to quality and yield are apparent when plants are subject to abiotic stress, including heat, drought and salinity, and when in ideal conditions.

We collaborate with world-leading Universities, academics and field researchers, as well as working in partnership with major regional and multinational agchem distributors. Our products help growers in over 20 different countries and our head office and research facilities are based in the United Kingdom at the Rothamsted Centre for Research and Enterprise. We are part of Croda International plc. Croda create, make and sell innovative, sustainable high performance speciality chemicals that are relied on by industries and consumers everywhere.