Tradecorp is a company specialized in crop nutrition, with wide experience in micronutrients and special fertilizers. We are focused on the needs of the professionals within the sector, both distributors and growers, providing them with high added value solutions and high class technical support.

Founded in 1985, Tradecorp has been progressively making its presence felt on the main world markets. Purchased by the Belgian Group Sapec in 2000, a family company established in 1926 in the mining and chemicals sector, our strategy is based on the value of continuity, professionalism and entrepreneurial spirit, features which Sapec has displayed throughout its more than 80-year existence.

We have a complete, diversified and differentiated catalogue, with high-quality products and innovative solutions packages for the grower. Growers all over the world turn to Tradecorp solutions in order to maximise crop production and achieve the quality parameters that customers and the current food industry demand.

We are present on all the world’s major markets and offer a customised and professional service through our several offices located in Europe, North Africa, Middle East, Asia-Pacific, Mexico, Brazil and Latin America.