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The secretariat of the European Biostimulants Industry Council (EBIC) is provided by Prospero & Partners, an independent consultancy that works at the interface between technological innovation, public policy, stakeholder relations and organizational development. Prospero applies this human-centered approach to spaces such as:

• Bio-based innovation
• Food and agriculture
• Healthcare and well-being
• Environmental security and sustainability
• Energy and climate.

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Arnaud Cayrafourcq is responsible for board relations and strategic alliances:
arnaud (at)
Sarah Verplancken consults to EBIC's organizational development and strategy:
sarah (at)
Kristen E Sukalac provides public affairs and strategy support for EBIC activities:
kristen (at)
Elodie Lebastard is responsible for overseeing the operations of EBIC's working groups:
elodie (at)
Barbara Verplancken provides administrative support to all of EBIC’s activities:
barbara (at)
Jessica Fitch provides external communications expertise:
jessica (at)