New EBIC leadership looks to place biostimulants at the heart of EU move towards a more sustainable food system

The EU Farm to Fork Strategy, the European Green Deal, the Circular Economy, the Fertilising Products Regulation and the new EU Organic Regulation were all centre-stage during EBIC’s General Assembly, where biostimulant companies across Europe took stock of a turbulent 2020 and established their common vision for the coming year.

Discussions during the meeting revolved around developments relating to the implementation of the new EU Fertilising Products Regulation (FPR). Due to enter into application in July 2022, the FPR will give biostimulants access to the European Single Market for the first time. Members also focused on the need to increase external stakeholder engagement and promote the biostimulant industry and products, particularly in the context of key EU policies, including the Farm to Fork Strategy, the European Green Deal, the Circular Economy, and the new EU Organic Regulation.

EBIC President and CEO of Italpollina, Luca Bonini, was re-elected for a second term. Members elected a new Vice-President to support his leadership: Arne Pingel from Syngenta. Massimo Toni of Agronutrition moved from Director-at-Large (DAL) to Treasurer. José Nolasco of Tradecorp also joined the EBIC Board as DAL. Elected in 2019 for two years, Nicolas Willaume of ICL Group continues in his position as Director-at-Large.

Providing an opportunity for interactive discussions, the General Assembly gave fresh impetus to the industry association as EBIC transitions into 2021, which remains uncertain in terms of covid impacts and political developments. During the event’s breakout sessions on the most pressing concerns and priorities for the industry in 2021, members reaffirmed EBIC’s Mid-Term Strategy as fit-for-purpose for the challenges to come. EBIC also has a new, agile organisational structure designed to deliver on EBIC Mid-Term Strategy’s objectives while ensuring flexibility to respond to emerging regulatory issues for the industry and its products.

The General Assembly will be followed by EBIC’s Strategic Summit 2020, which will track EBIC’s progress on challenges outlined in the Mid-Term Strategy and conduct sense-making around potential implications for EBIC’s 2021 Work Plan. The three-day event aims to provide an open, reflective space where a diverse range of members can raise strategic issues of concern, and Board members can advocate for our collective vision for the industry.

New EBIC Board 2020 onwards:

President: Luca Bonini, CEO and owner, Italpollina

Vice-President: Arne Pingel, Global Biostimulant Product Manager, Syngenta

Treasurer: Massimo Toni, Consultant, Agronutrition


Jose Nolasco, Strategy & Innovation Director, Tradecorp

Nicolas Willaume, Global Advocacy Manager, ICL Group