EBIC and 15 allies call on European Commission to review Animal By-Products regulation

At the initiative of EBIC, 16 organisations have joined forces to call on the European Commission to include a work item in its 2024-2029 work program to undertake a comprehensive review of the European Union’s approach to the regulation of materials from animal origin in the food chain.

The 16 organisations that signed the letter are concerned at the gap between the ambitions for the Circular Economy and for Critical Raw Materials under the European Green Deal and the regulation and evaluation of the revalorisation in agriculture and the food and feed chain of materials originating from animals. They emphasise their complete commitment to ensuring that all routes for valorisation in agriculture and the food and feed chain of materials from animal origin are fully safe and are perceived as such by consumers and stakeholders.

However, the current, fragmented regulatory framework is not fit-for-purpose as explained in more detailed in an open letter sent to the Commission.

Read the open letter on ABPs.