European flags in front of the Berlaymont building, headquarters of the European commission in Brussels.

EBIC contribution to the EU Strategic Dialogue on the Future of Agriculture


The European Biostimulant Industry Council (EBIC) supports the Commission’s Strategic Dialogue on the Future of Agriculture, and its bid to ensure farmers are fully equipped to safeguard European food security, sustainability and competitiveness.

However, we would like to highlight the necessity to provide farmers with a diverse set of supportive tools to enable them to meet the growing challenges which will feature in this Dialogue. In that context, EBIC suggests the Commission consider the involvement of proven innovative input sectors, such as the plant biostimulants industry, in this process in the coming months.

As our contribution to the success of the EU’s Strategic Dialogue, we offer the following thoughts and look forward to attending future meetings:

  • The EU needs to get better at ensuring agrifood innovations reach farmers: A politically supportive Union for innovation is imperative for fostering a resilient agricultural sector in the European agrifood industry. Presently, many innovative but highly effective plant biostimulant products lack access to the Single Market, creating an uneven playing field for farmers across different nations, with hundreds of crop solutions stuck in regulatory pipelines rather than being available to farmers.
  • Agricultural inputs are stronger together: Farmers need access to a broad toolbox and the freedom to select options tailored to their crops, soils, climatic conditions, customer preferences, and various other factors influencing their operations. Farmers today are well-educated and smart; working with their trusted advisors and customers, they are best-placed to determine how to adapt their farming practices if they are given the right enabling framework. This is a competitive advantage of the EU’s agrifood ecosystem which we must invest in, and leverage.
  • Ensuring policy coherence for progress: Despite the EU Fertilising Products Regulation successfully recognising the claims and contributions of plant biostimulants, regulatory hurdles persist, particularly when it comes to those derived from micro-organisms or animal by-products. It’s time to update related regulations to enable the adoption of more bio-based solutions and circular economy practices that also increase farmers’ competitiveness.

EBIC anticipates that the Strategic Dialogue will facilitate a constructive discourse on the EU agriculture and stands ready to engage with the process at every opportunity, so that, together, we realise an ambitious, yet achievable, vision for European farming.

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