Newly elected board receives mandate for 2023 amid new opportunities and ongoing challenges for biostimulants



EBIC’s General Assembly and Mid-Term Strategy Forum took place this week!

It was fantastic to see all our members together and face-to-face for the first time in ages! We enjoyed a jam-packed, fast-paced agenda that kept everyone very busy and engaged.

The event kicked off with a regulatory workshop, welcoming Jeremy Pinte from the European Commission and representatives from Notified Bodies CerTrust and EFCI.

Our General Assembly announced the election of our new President Arne Pingel and Vice-President Carlos Rodríguez Villa Förster, as well as our new Director-at-Large Thomas Leppin and re-election of our Treasurer Massimo Toni and Director-at-Large Jose Nolasco. The two remaining Board seats are held by Nicolas Willaume and David Hiltz, both Directors-at-large with a year to run on their term.

Following a review of our achievements of our workplan 2022 and a preview of our workplan 2023, day-2 of the EBIC event revolved around discussing the future of our next mid-term strategy.  Members discussed the importance of stakeholder engagement and thought leadership in global, as well as European, contexts.

EBIC thanks everyone who attended and contributed to our General Assembly. What a couple of days we have had!  Engaging discussions, innovative ideas, helpful information.  We have very much enjoyed seeing so many of our members in person and look forward to working closely with all members to deliver the next set of goals for #biostimulants in Europe and beyond!

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