EBIC board reflects growing technology and geographical scope of plant biostimulants sector



Nicolas Willaume (ICL Group), Carlos Rodríguez-Villa Förster (AlgaEnergy) and David Hiltz, (Acadian Plant Health) elected as Directors-at-Large.

EBIC’s 7-person strong Board reflects EBIC’s growing membership and the diversity of plant biostimulant technologies they produce.

Members also approved the 2022 work plan, which has a dual focus on the Fertilising Products Regulation in the year of its application and ramping up advocacy to increase awareness and uptake of plant biostimulants by farm and fork stakeholders.

16 November 2021, Brussels, Belgium

During EBIC’s General Assembly today, members re-elected Nicolas Willaume of the ICL Group as Director-at-Large (DAL), while Carlos Rodríguez-Villa Förster, Managing Director at AlgaEnergy and David Hiltz, Director, Global Regulatory Affairs at Acadian Plant Health were elected to the EBIC Board as DALs for the first time. Meanwhile, EBIC President and CEO of Hello Nature, Luca Bonini, continues as President for another year, alongside Vice-President Arne Pingel from Syngenta. Massimo Toni of Agronutrition continues as Treasurer, and José Nolasco of Tradecorp has another year left in his current position as DAL.

Interactive member-to-Board discussions allowed companies to share their insights into the most business-critical issues for them in 2022, ensuring the association continues to serve the most important needs of our members next year and beyond.

EBIC’s General Assembly will be followed by our Strategic Summit 2021 tomorrow, which will track EBIC’s progress on challenges outlined in the Mid-Term Strategy and present EBIC’s new Issues Management Framework to members. Discussions will revolve around the new EU Fertilising Products Regulation (FPR), as EBIC is currently dedicating a large part of its workload to smoothing out any remaining implementation issues ahead of its application in July. The FPR will give biostimulants access to the EU Single Market for the first time. Members will also focus on the need to increase external stakeholder engagement and promote the biostimulant industry and products, particularly in the context of the Farm to Fork Strategy and the European Green Deal. The virtual event aims to provide an open, reflective space where a diverse range of members can raise strategic issues of concern, and Board members can advocate for our collective vision for the industry.

The programme foresees a deep-dive into the FPR implementation issues on the agenda of next week’s meeting of the Commission Expert Group on Fertilising Products (CEG-FP), where EBIC holds an observer seat.

If you would like to participate in EBIC’s internal activities, find out how on https://biostimulants.eu/join-ebic/.



New EBIC Board 2021 onwards:

President: Luca Bonini, CEO and owner, Hello Nature

Vice-President: Arne Pingel, Global Biostimulant Product Manager, Syngenta

Treasurer: Massimo Toni, Consultant, Agronutrition

Nicolas Willaume, Regulatory Affairs Director, CFPR Groupe Roullier
Jose Nolasco, Strategy & Innovation Director, Tradecorp
Carlos Rodríguez-Villa Förster, Managing Director at AlgaEnergy
David Hiltz, Director, Global Regulatory Affairs at Acadian Plant Health

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