Take care of your crops while you protect our planet

AlgaEnergy is a biotechnology based company which consolidates an unparalleled level of knowledge in the field of microalgae, acquired throughout more than 4 decades of research carried out by the main specialized universities and scientists involved with the company.

Led by a team of reputed scientists and entrepreneurs, AlgaEnergy has positioned itself as an international reference in its field, and counts on the support of relevant shareholders such as the world leading public company Iberdrola, whom it shares environmental synergies with. AlgaEnergy leads or participates in international microalgae related R&D programs amounting an investment over 60 million €, collaborating with over 120 top consortium members all over the world -always as sole microalgae company-, and has presence across the whole value chain -from state of art genetic engineering (only applied to biofuels) to novel extraction producers-.

AlgaEnergy is supported by national and international public entities, and has been selected by the European Commission as one of the few SMEs of strategic importance with the highest potential in Europe. In this sense, it has received numerous awards and recognitions acknowledging its innovative activities in terms of research promotion, environmental sustainability and product excellence.

Having spent the first decade exclusively focusing on applied research, period during which it leveraged the valuable inherited knowledge, it has optimized and scaled up procedures and technologies, and has developed the most advanced photobioreactors installed in the South of Spain, as well as innovative and very efficient microalgae based products for different industries. Amongst them, its microalgae based agricultural biostimulants range AgriAlgae® stands out.