AlgaEnergy is a leading global biotechnology company focused on developing innovative, sustainable solutions for agriculture, aquaculture, animal and human nutrition, and cosmetics industries. Our core technologies are based on the sustainable and renewable properties found in single-cell microalgae.

Since our beginning in 2007, our mission has focused on alleviating the three main challenges faced in today’s society: food security, environmental sustainability, and energy efficiency. By harnessing microalgae technology with other disruptive, innovative, and natural technologies, AlgaEnergy is building a strong international presence to deliver its natural-based solutions and creating sustainable alternatives to cover the whole crop input chain across the globe.

With these strong roots in research, innovation and sustainability, we’re also a proud B Corp. With only a 4% success rate for companies applying for the certification, this process took us over a year to achieve. We are the first microalgae company worldwide, the first Spanish biotech company to be certified, and among the first 100 companies in Spain to be awarded this prestigious certification.