BCF Life Sciences

BCF Life Sciences is an expert in the extraction and production of amino acids since 1986. 100% of their products are manufactured in their unique industrial site in France, which gives them full control over the quality management (tracing and monitoring). In order to serve their customers abroad, they have offices in South East Asia and Latin America.

BCF Life Sciences' Biostimulants

They develop and market a range of highly soluble and highly bioavailable free amino acid mixes with very low molecular weights.

Proven Performance by BCF Life Sciences

These high-end mixes are backed by numerous studies that have been conducted through 20 collaborations with major universities & technical centers around the world.

BCF Life Sciences' engagement

Their production process is 100% engaged in the local and circular economy: all their production is based in Brittany and extracted from a sustainable raw material. Their biostimulants are one of the possible answers to the environmental challenge that farmers are facing nowadays.