Biocontrol Technologies

Biocontrol Technologies is an international company founded as a spinoff from the University of Barcelona in 2005 with headquarters in Barcelona. Biocontrol is specialized in the research and development of microorganisms working to promote a shift toward a more sustainable agriculture. The company researches, develops and offers efficient and sustainable biological solutions to farmers worldwide. Biocontrol products improve crops productivity and allow to grow healthier fruits and vegetables for consumers. One of the aims to this company is putting technology at the disposal of agriculture to protect and strengthen crops around the world.

Biocontrol Technologies has developed, patented and registered a biofungicide product named T34 Biocontrol® which is a natural product based on the microorganism Trichoderma asperellum, strain T34. The product has efficient and sustainable with a broad spectrum of action and a high level of efficacy controlling crop diseases, improving productivity, and obtaining healthier products for consumers. T34 helps the plant to make the most of the soil’s resources and activates its defense mechanisms against stress (biotic and abiotic). It also competes for the space and nutrients against the pathogens since it has antiparasitic action on the plant. T34 Biocontrol® is an effective biological solution which accelerates the plant’s development and growth, thus increasing crop productivity. T34 Biocontrol® is commercialized by a network of distributors in more than 15 countries in three continents.

Biocontrol Technologies works to create efficient products like T34 Biocontrol, but also bets on disseminating knowledge. This value is related to our propose of seminars and the support to science. Biocontrol Technologies has an R&D dedicated team focused on the isolation and development of new biological solutions for agriculture, both in the sphere of crop protection and nutrition. Going beyond these objectives, the company has always bear in mind the rigor and seriousness that require the advances to sustainable agriculture.