Desarrollo Agricola Y Minero S.A.

Daymsa is a company dedicated to the development, manufacture and commercialization of plant nutrients, biostimulants and phytoprotectants.

DESARROLLO AGRÍCOLA Y MINERO, S.A., Daymsa, began the production and its commercial operations in 1979 and belongs to a large corporate group called SAMCA.

Daymsa’s main production facilities and head offices are located in the city of Zaragoza (Spain) whilst a second factory, which produces solid products as well as the quarries from which the main raw material used in the preparation of its products – leonardite – is obtained, are located in the mining area of Ariño, Teruel (Spain). Daymsa has always been characterised by the degree to which its products contribute to the development of new crop-growing techniques which permit greater yields by optimising plant nutrition and combating the mineralisation and salinisation of soils.

Daymsa reaches its consumers via a professional distribution network covering Spain and 25 countries of Europe, Africa, Asia and South America, where we have three subsidiaries (Ecuador, Colombia and Brazil). Our distribution network:

  • Is responsible for products reaching the end consumer.
  • Offers support and advice on correct application.
  • Transmits Daymsa’s specifications to the market.
  • Receives enquiries or suggestions from the market.

Working as a team enables us to respond to consumers’ demands and develop products which are increasingly specific and able to meet real requirements.

The SAMCA Group is a family business located in Aragon (Spain), whose activities are centred on the mining, agricultural, energy, plastics, textile and construction sectors. In all, it provides employment for more than 4,000 people. It has facilities all over Spain, as well as in other countries, such as France, Italy or Portugal.