EVYP LLP, Crop Biostimulation Technologies for Sustainable Agriculture.

Over 50 years of expertise in Hydrolyzed proteins and Amino acids. EVYP LLP, through continual R&D and investment in innovative technologies is exclusively focused on the design, production and commercialization of biostimulants and insect attractants.

Established in 1967, EVYP’s initial goal was the development of effective food insect attractants to be used in the fight against the Dacus Fly. Its products, approved for use in Organic farming have been used successfully for over 50 years in bait sprayings on olive, citrus and cherry trees playing an important role to the excellent quality of Greek olive oil. In the late 2000’s, EVYP enters the world of biostimulants. Awarded its first European Patent in 2012 in the field of organic fertilizers EVYP has evolved a range of targeted Plant Biostimulant products currently exported to the whole Balkan and East Mediterranean region under the Amino16® brand. Over 20 products have been successfully introduced to the market in the last 12 years and EVYP today is among the first in sales volume for specialized plant nutrition products in Greece.

Our energy efficient plant is located in Thessaloniki Greece. We are one of very few producers engaged in the production of hydrolyzed proteins and amino acids from only plant origin non-GMO raw materials exclusively focused on agriculture in Europe. In addition to producing our own products we also design and produce tailor made formulations for third parties.

As part of our goal to support our customers and producers, we remain at their side offering free technical expertise and ongoing education to our network.

At EVYP we remain committed to our values in accordance with EU's green approach: continuous R&D for the development of innovative and targeted products, safe for both the farmer and the consumer, not harmful to the environment, achieving the sustainable agriculture of the future.

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