Inspired by nature but grounded in science, Fyteko produces BioSolutions to protect crops from environmental changes. Based in Brussels, Belgium and created in 2014 by bioentrepreneurs Guillaume Wegria and Dr Juan Carlos Cabrera, Fyteko discovers, develops and manufactures proprietary (patented) plant signal biomolecules that trigger specific plant mechanisms. Fyteko was recognised as one of the most innovative start-ups in Belgium (Innoviris RISE in 2015, MIT<35 in 2016) and as developing breakthrough, market-creating innovation for the EU (European Commission H2020 EIC Accelerator Pilot in 2020).

First products are Biostimulants activating plants internal proline mechanism, available in foliar spray (NURSPRAY®), seed treatment (NURSEED®) and soil drench (NURSOIL®). This next generation of engineered biostimulants effectively helps farmers mitigate yield losses to abiotic stress and increase the production quality.