Grabi Chemical

GRABI Chemical is a leader company in manufacturing chelated microelements (EDDHA, EDDHSA, DTPA, EDTA, LS, Complexes, Nutritional Specialties, etc.) and boasts a selling network which is spread in the main interested countries all over the world (about 40 supplied countries).

We offer productions and solutions personalized for our customers which regard the production of fertilizers, the management of a turnkey customized packaging and adequate logistics branch.

Competences that we offer: people with different trainings and skills working in success all together to permit the growth of our partner according to the regulation in force.

Thanks to our technology and R&D activities, we guarantee sustainable and low environmental impact fertilizers, in compliance with new regulations safeguarding the chemical sector (REACH and others).

In addition to the manufacturing competences our key skills in supplying raw materials, worldwide specialized freights, legal aspects, stock plan management, communication with clients, work synergically in order develop our purposes.

Marketing and sales represent a very important branch in GRABI Chemical; with these professionalism we would like to give our contribute to the Agro-Chemical sector by offering adequate technical and commercial solutions that our clients require for developing the excellence.

The continuous investment that GRABI Chemical dedicate in technical and business training for its operators is the sole significant way to excel in an always more selective and highly professional market.

Our presence in over 40 countries make us particularly careful in managing areas through human resources: in GRABI Chemical the capacity to develop human legacy creating a team spirit and promoting procedures depending on necessities and historic cases can give a significant contribution to improve the whole chain of production and distribution.


Market channel on which Grabi Chemical is focused is only industrial: agrochemical and multinational companies dealing with agriculture and agrochemical. In any case to each company which distribute with its own brand.


Grabi Chemical partners participate in enhancing the level of experience and service of our customers.

We distinguish our partners as Technical and Institutional.

Technical partners:

Universities, Official Organizations and Probationary Organization with which we collaborate actively to gain specific and influential answers in order to improve our work in producing and managing our existing products and also to develop research programs.

Institutional partners:

Confindustria, Assofertilizzanti, Chambers of Trade and Commerce (either foreign and national), various Ministries.