Green Has Italia

GREEN HAS ITALIA S.p.A. is an Italian company specialized in plant nutrition. Since 1985, it plays a leading role on the national and the international markets.

The company registered office, administrative and head offices, laboratories and production facilities are all located in Canale d’Alba, Province of Cuneo, Italy. There are two representative foreign branches, the Regional Office for the Middle East in Amman, Jordan, and Green Has Iberia S.L. in Almeria, Spain.

Technology, quality, reliability and flexibility are the strongest assets of GREEN HAS ITALIA.

Thanks to this philosophy and to her longstanding experience, the company has conceived a wide range of mineral and organic fertilizers, and of mineral and organic supplements (both liquid or soluble powder) to use by fertigation and by foliar spraying fertilization. These state-of-the-art nutritional specialties fulfill the nutritive needs of all crops according to the principles of a sound management of agronomy and of the environment. GREEN HAS ITALIA is also the unique owner of GEOGREEN s.r.l. It. is a company located in Canale d’Alba, Italy, that manufactures and sells fertilizers and equipments for turfs, flower crops, ornamental plants, and for amateur gardening of fruit and vegetable crops.