Specialties for agriculture

L.Gobbi srl has been working for fifty years in Italy, so obtaining a steady position of leadership in its field of activity, namely: plant growth regulators, foliar regulators, chelate meso and microelements, organic conditioners and other products for the farming industry, biologic products included. To sell its products, L.Gobbi srl makes use of a sales network consisting of qualified and dynamic technical-salesmen covering the whole territory of Italy.

Since the eighties, through the direct partnership of the German company: E. Gerlach GmbH, an opening process towards the international market has been performing, which through its new commercial and know-how exchanges has urged for new incentives and enthusiasms to Research and Development.

Lately, L. Gobbi srl successfully entered into business relationships with several countries such as: Austria, France, Germany, UK, Greece, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Rumania, Albania, Bosnia, Czech Republic, Malta, New Zealand, Jordan, Libya, Israel and United Arab Emirates as well.

L. Gobbi srl is the sole agent for the farm field of E. Gerlach GmbH – Germany – that has been working at the highest levels in Europe, pharmaceutical and cosmetic fields included. During the last years, the ecological conscience of L. Gobbi’s managers is more and more leading the company’s production and research towards new products, which, although being highly effective, may allow using natural products or which, with no or with a poor environmental impact, can be used if the provisions concerning the integrated campaign against pesticides are complied with.