Maxstim is a scientifically-driven innovative organisation responsible for developing a powerful range of complex biostimulants for sustainable plant health. We are trusted around the world by progressive agricultural growers who benefit from improvements in yield, quality and stress management. Each of our products improve plant and crop performance whilst reducing the need for environmentally damaging plant protection products.

Our innovative research and development programme is driven by CEO Richard Salvage and our Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Colin Fleming. Our technical team has vast experience of field conditions in different climates. Together we understand what farmers and growers are looking for and what challenges they face. Our international presence enables us to offer support through soil analysis, diagnostics and onsite field visits.

Our products are multi-sourced complex biostimulants that create a synergistic response from a wide variety of bioactive components. Each product is the result of innovative research and includes specific polyphenols and bioflavonoids, organic acids, plant based amino acids, carbohydrates, ascophyllum nodosum and trace elements. This wide range of bioactive compounds have been engineered precisely to work synergistically for the most beneficial results.

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