Olmix Group develops products for nutrition, for stimulation of soil and crops, in line with sustainable agriculture needs.

We believe that the future of agriculture lies in new methods of production including soil & plant Biostimulant. Our products are based on development of the vital functions of soils and of plants to improve productivity while respecting the environment.

We propose to the farmers, through distributors, a range of patented original products based on seaweeds, vegetable extracts, aminoacids, fermented products, minerals, oligoelements & natural bioactive molecules for:

  • Stimulation of the biological soil activity in order to increase its fertility. A better soil functioning ensures production on a high level, with less fertilizer, less irrigation water and less fossil energy.
  • Stimulation of the plant’s defence mechanisms against abiotic stress, to improve its root development, photosynthetic activity and therefore crop productivity.

This know-how is reinforced by the daily involvement of our teams in the field to advise farmers and distributors.

Know-how of the groups in soil & crop care has been consolidated since 1970 and it is cross fertilized with Animal-Care, Humane-Car and plant-Care domains.

Group is present worldwide, thus providing a range of solutions.