A strong partner for healthy growth
SICIT GROUP S.p.A. is manufacturer of plant biostimulants based on aminoacids & peptides of animal origin, which are produced in two proprietary manufacturing plants for a global capacity of 150 tons/day of liquid products and 40 tons/day of powders.

  • SICIT products are solely sold to Agro-Chemical Companies, which provide for the packaging and the distribution under their own brand names.
  • Customers may also sell SICIT products under the trademark PROTIFERT®, registered by SICIT, and now present in more than 30 Countries.
  • Customised formulations, in terms of organic Nitrogen, total and free amino acid content, molecular weight distribution, added microelements, etc. can be supplied upon request. In fact, due to its high capability to form chelates and complexes with other nutrients, PROTIFERT® LMW is widely utilised as organic matrix to formulate customised organic-mineral fertilisers.